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Journal of Human KineticsJournal of Human Kinetics

The Journal of Human Kinetics (former Antropomotoryka) is a multidisciplinary Journal publishing original, experimental papers on subjects from sport and exercise sciences, e. g. physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, genetics etc. The Journal of Human Kinetics (JOHK) is published bi-annually in June and December.




The Polish version of Antropomotoryka has become an editorial sequel of the periodical. The journal appeared in Polish with abstracts in English, under the auspices of IASK and the Committee of Physical Culture of the Polish Academy of Science. Since 2005 it has been published as a quarterly.



 International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Kinesiology  International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Kinesiology

From 1971 the Faculty of Kinesiology has been publishing the scientific journal Kineziologija. It has been secondary referenced since 1985, and internationally recognized as an international scientific journal by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology since 1995. Original scientific papers, reviews, preliminary communications and professional papers are published, written by both Croatian and foreign authors, that have been subjected to a double anonimous evaluation and have received positive reviews from prominent domestic and international peer referees, kinesiologists and scientists from adjacent and cognate fields.

Journal of Human Sport and ExerciseJournal of Human Sport and Exercise

The Journal of Human Sport and Exercise is a scientific review published by the Research Group for The Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, attached to the Department of General and Specific Didactics of the Faculty of Education at the University of Alicante. This publication is proof of the current development of Sports Sciences that are claiming their place as a potential field of knowledge in a world context.

Acta Kinesiologiae Universitatis TartuensisActa Kinesiologiae Universitatis Tartuensis

Acta Kinesiologiae Universitatis Tartuensis is a multidisciplinary (publishing papers on diverse subjects from sports and exercise siences) annual publication published by Tartu University Press, Estonia.


 Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts






Ido Movement Culture Ido Movement Culture

"Ido Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology" [] is published by the Idokan Poland Association as e-Journal, quarterly. The topics are: psychophysical culture, anthropology of martial arts, combat sports, and martial arts science. Japanese term ido refers to movement, philosophy of perpetual movement, the way of martial arts, and medicine of martial arts.


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