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Prof. Wlodzimierz Starosta - PolandPresident - Prof. Wlodzimierz Starosta (Poland)

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Prof. Dr. habil., Dr h.c. Włodzimierz Starosta.Education: University School of Physical Education in Poznan (Poland) 1951-1952; Institute of Physical Culture in Leningrad (Soviet Union) 1952-1956; Institute of Physical Culture in Leningrad Ph. D. -1963; University School of Physical Education in Warsaw (Poland) habilitation (second doctor degree)- 1977. Full prof. from 1990. Visiting Professor: University School of Physical Education in Moscow; University Saarbrucken, Greifswald and Magdeburg (Germany); Zagreb (Croatia); Ljubljana (Slovenia); Izmir (Turkey); Preśov (Slovakia), Tartu (Estonia), Bologna and Urbino (Italy); Italian Olympic Committee. Membership of professional bodies: International Society of Sport Genetic and Somatology (general secretary) 1983-1990; International Association of Sport Kinetics-IASK (president) 1990-2011; member of Executive Board and Regional Coordinator Eastern Europe of ICSSPE (2004-2008); International Ringo Federation (president from 2004). Doctor honoris causa of Open International University for Complementary Medicines in Colombo (1996); Meritorious professor of Kinesiology Faculty of University of Zagreb. Honorary member of: International Academy of Integrative Anthropology, Academy of Science of Technological Cybernetics of Ukraine, International Academy of Gerontology, Politechnical Academy of Belarus. Editorial Committee of journals: "Human Kinetics"; "Biology of Sport"; "Acta Kinesiologiae Universitatis Tartuensis"; "Kinesiology"; "Kinesiologia Slovenica"; "Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism"; "Anthropomotorics"; "Sport Medicine"; "Acta Facultatis Educationis Physicae Universitatis Comenianae". Publications: over 600 research papers publish in 26 countries of the world including 45 Monographs in Polish, English, Italian, Russian, German. Personal Achievements in sport: sportsmen in 20 sport disciplines, in 12 classified. Greatest achievements in ice figure skating, wrestling and ringo (18 medals on International Polish, European and World Championships). Coach 1 class in ice figure skating - practicing 20 years as a coach.

Vice-Presidents - Assoc. Prof. Dr Mario Baič (Croatia)

Vice-Presidents - Prof. Dr Olha Borysova (Ukraine)

Vice-Presidents - Prof. Dr. Juan M. Cortell-Tormo (Spain)

 Vice-Presidents - prof. Wieslaw Osinski (Poland) Vice-Presidents - prof. Wieslaw Osinski (Poland) served as both department head and professor of kinesiology and sport pedagogy at the University of Physical Education in Poznań, Poland. He has regularly taught a course on anthropomotorics, theory of physical education, physical activity and aging. Prof. Dr. Wiesław Osiński has held many distinguished positions and has received many honors. He has served 1990-1996 as a rector of the University School of Physical Education in Poznań, vice president of International Association of Sport Kinetics, a member of Committee of Rehabilitation, Physical Culture and Social Integration of Polish Academy of Sciences.
Prof. Dr. Wiesław Osiński is the author of more than 200 publications, including 7 books (e.g. Problems of Human Motor Activity - 1990, Foundation of Theory of Physical Education - 1996, Anthropomotorics - 2000, Impact of aging on physical activity, fitness and health- 2006) Has served as a associate editor Human Movement and a member of editorial board e.g. of the "Journal of Human Kinetics", "Kinesiologia Slovenica", "Antropomotoryka", "Physical Education and Sport", "Physical Culture and Tourism", "Journal of Human Sport and Exercise", "Przegląd Antropologiczny". For the past 12 years, he has focused on effects of exercise and physical activity in the different aspects of health, fitness and quality of life in elderly adults.

Vice-Presidents - Prof. Dr James S. Skinner (USA)

Vice-Presidents - Prof. Dr. Martin Zvonar (Czech Republic)

 dr Jan KonarskiGeneral Secretary - Dr. Jan Konarski (Poland)

Jan Konarski, PhD - lecturer in Department of Theory and Methodology of Sport, Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Rehabilitation at the University School of Physical Education in Poznań, Poland, teacher of PE and trainer of swimming, member of Training Department in Polish Field Hockey Association, Polish Scientific Society of Physical Culture and Editorial Board Journal of Human Sport and Exercise. He regularly teach in subjects: theory of sport and sport training (Sports Science) for students and participants of different sports courses. In the publications he concentrate on the main research interests, include: influence of sport physical activity on coefficients of the motor development of man with regard to socio–cultural conditions; sport of children and youth in contemporary system of professional sport; changes of chosen parameters of the competitor and training model in section of sport ontogenesis on the example of different disciplines (field hockey, football - soccer, swimming, golf); occurrence of dependence in the range of external and internal loads in the conditions of training and competitions in field hockey and other sport disciplines; prevention of injuries in sport with use different exercise in training.; Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

Technical Secretary

Prof. Dr. Bahman Mirzaei (Iran)

Dr Krystyna Aniol-Strzyzewska - PolandTreasurer - Dr. Krystyna Maria Anioł-Strzyżewska
Date and place of birth: 24 January 1947, Poznań. Nationality: Polish;
Education: 1965-1971- Study: Medical Academy in Poznań;
1976-1982 - The first specialization in the pathomorphology (Poznań) and second degree of specialization in forensic evaluation services in criminalistic and civil medical, PhD inthe field of permanent disability in sports;
1986-1990 - Fellowshipof the Minister of Health and Welfarefor the specialization in the field of Internistic medicine improvement;
1992-1996 Postgraduate Studyin the field of cardiology and sports medicine (Medical Centre ofPostgraduate Education in Warsaw);
Bibliography: 65 scientific works in Polish language and 23 in English, Russian and Italian language Languages: English - good, German - moderately, Russian - good;
Fields of interests:Professional: endocrine homeostasis of organisms under stress, aggression, disease and pharmacological preparations, biophysics, biochemistry, ecology and bioethics.


Prof. Dr. Han C.G. Kemper (Netherland)

Prof. Dr Dragan Milanović (Croatia)

Prof. Dr. Hanlie Moss (South Africa)

Prof. Dr. Danuta Umiastowska (Poland)

Prof.Dr  Patric Drid (Serbia)

Assoc. Prof. Dr Hrvoje Karničić (Croatia)

Prof. Dr Luminita Georgescu (Romania)is ahighly appreciated professor in the Department of Medical Assistance and Kinesitherapy at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Pitesti, Romania. Since 2007 she is a scientific coordinator for doctoral studies in the field of Sport Science and in 2011 she became a member of the Executive Board of International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education. With a vast profesional experience: Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (2007-2011), President of the Medical and Anti-doping Commission at Judo World Cup, Bucharest (2005-2008), Director of the International Relations Department of the University of Pitesti (2004-2005), collaborator of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, Professor Georgescu is also a sports medicine physician with a Doctoral degree in Medical Sciences. Her academic activity reflects an increased interest in developing new cross-disciplinary programs and research projects in the area of physical education, sport and health (10 books published and more than 100 articles in national and international scientific manifestations). Theprofessionalaccomplishments of Professor Georgescu includes also: International Association of Sport Kinetics (IASK) Presidium Member, Regional Expert Assessor for the National Council for Adult Vocational Training and the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Associated Editor and also Section Editor for Health Related Fitness and Health Promotion of Asian Journal of Exercise and Sports Science (AJESS), scientific reviewer for the Romanian Sport Medicine Journal and Romanian Journal of Physiotherapy, member in multiple national and international associations, member in scientific committees and invited speaker at important international conferences in the field of sport science, winner of national and international awards and distinctions. 

Jaak Jürimäe is a Professor of Coaching Sciences

Prof. Dr. Jaak Jurimae (Estonia). He completed his PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Queensland, Australia and joined the Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy at the University of Tartu, Estonia. Being a former rower himself, he has emphasized his research on the prediction of rowing performance from different functional, body composition, blood biochemical and psychological parameters Another research area focuses on the possible causes and markers of fatigue, overreaching and overtraining using different functional, blood biochemical and psychological parameters in athletes. In addition, his research interests among others include the assessment of physical activity, sedentary behaviour, body composition, bone health, cardiorespiratory fitness and different blood biochemical parameters during growth and maturation in children. He has a special interest in pediatric exercise physiology. He is currently an Associated Editor for BMC Pediatrics. Dr. Jürimäe has published more than 180 papers and book chapters in the peer-reviewed literature. In addition, he has co-authored 3 books with internationally reconginized publishers and supervised 12 PhD students.

M.S. Bahng Changki (Korea Republic)

Controll Commission

Prof. Robert Szeklicki (Poland)

Prof. Robert Szeklicki (Poland)Robert Szeklicki, PhD – associate professor in Department of Physical Activity Sciences and Health Promotion, University School of Physical Education in Poznan (Poland). He has regularly taught a course on anthropomotorics, theory of physical education, physical activity and aging.
His research has focused on determinants of physical activity and physical fitness among children and youth, determinants of falls, postural stability and physical fitness among elderly, morphological and metabolical consequences of habitual physical activity of elderly and its social determinants. Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

 Dr. Joanna Ratajczak (Poland)


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