Prof. Dr. habil.Napoleon Wolanski

Created: Sunday, 18 December 2011

Prof. Dr. Napoleon Wolanski Napoleon Wolanski,  ordinary professor emeritus, b. Zapusta, Poland, Apr. 22, 1929; Studies in physics, biology & medicine, MSc, Warsaw U. 1951, PhD, Jagellonian U., 1957; DSc., Lodz U., 1962; professor title 1983. Postdoctoral studies 1964-65, Fels Research Institute, Ohio, USA (Internat. Research Fellowship Program); Organizer &head: dept. of Anthropology U. Coll. of Phys. Educ., Warsaw, 1951-54; deputy-chmn. Polish Sci. Assn., Warsaw.

1957-59, dept. of Developm. Physiol., Natl. Res. Inst. Mother & Child, Warsaw, 1958-1968; dept. of Human Ecology, Polish Acad. Sci., Warsaw, 1959-99; Titular Prof., CINVESTAV investigator 3E, SNI III, Mexico, 1992-2005; College of Physical Culture and Tourism, 2007- ; Editor-in-Chief, Studies in Human Ecology. Honorary Chmn, Commission of Human Ecology, Intern. Union of Anthrop. & Ethnol. Sciences; past-President, Intern. Soc. for Sport Genetics and Somatology; Expert, Intern. Union of Nutrit. Sci.; adv. Inst. of Indust. Design, Warsaw, 1963-77; Milit. Inst. Aviation Medicine, Warsaw, 1965-1980; Author: 976 papers, 31 books, 51 chapters, in over 30 countries, incl. Books: Biological development of Man (7 editions, 86,000 copies sold, 1970-2005), Methods of Control of Child Growth (2.edts, 1965, 1975); Physical Fitness & Human Development (1976), Family as Environment for Human Dvlpm. (1996), Ecology of Aging (2000), Human Ecology (2 volumes, 2006, 2008). Areas of research: auxology (including motor development & physical fitness - 1952-2005), family studies (1960-1996), adaptation of respiratory and cardiovascular systems to environment (1962-1985), gerontology (1967-2002). Real Member, Mexican Academy of Sciences; Honorary member of scientific societies of anthropology (Slovakia, Croatia, Poland), human ecology (USA) and Intern. Assoc. Sport Kinetics. Co-organizer & founded-member of Intern. Assoc. of Human Biologists and European Anthrop. Assoc. Organizer of several international and national field studies and conferences.

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